The Fuss About Us

Ai Dezigns is a web design and development group based in Dubai, UAE. We are a bunch of talented and motivated webologists (a.k.a Web Designers, Developers and Strategists) with expertise on a variety of web-technologies.

Whether it be designing an aesthetically pleasing interface for your website, creating a massive web portal or just a  multimedia presentation, we have the skill and experience to craft your ideas and concepts into reality.

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Why do we do, what we do?

Customers know what they want, but not what they need. You may WANT features like chat, onlines stores, flash animations etc... but, more importantly, what you NEED is to :

  1. grab the attention of your visitors,
  2. provide them information with relevance, clarity and timeliness
  3. tell them what to do next $$! :)

All this can be achieved with design that constructs the appropriate visual imagery, features that create persistence and content that delivers with impact.

The Ai Dezigns Folks

Ai Dezigns relies on the strengths of many talented specialists to make successful projects. And every team needs a head or two to keep things on track. Below are those two.

Iftikhan Nazeem – Developer & co-founder
A web enthusiast, a web 2.0 fan and a believer of the coming of web 3.0. Iftikhan is an avid lover of web technologies and has hands on experience in PHP, Perl, CSS among many others. If he is not busy building websites you may find him in one of the bowling centers in dubai rolling down a few pins.
Tel : ( +971 ) 50 - 738 2623
Email : iftikhan.nazeem@aidezigns.com

Adil Baig – Developer & co-founder
Adil believes in quality websites that are actually useful. If he owned the internet there would be fewer sites, far fewer. A gaming freak and an avid lover of uber-powerful programming languages, Adil spends most of his time following the latest trends on the web. If he is not busy building websites, you may find him surfing the net or taunting his friends on Facebook.
Tel : ( +971 ) 50 - 754 3674
Email : adil.baig@aidezigns.com

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Waseem Ahmed – Senior Software & Web Developer
Waseem is a coding machine with ambient focus on Microsoft® tools and technologies. He is a MCPD .Net 2.0 Web Developer along with MCTS in Windows, Web Clients, and Enterprise Applications development.

Waseem has spent years developing applications for Windows platform using .Net technologies. He also got himself into EMV smartcard chip personalization and cryptographic data & security keys management, using Host Security Module (HSM). He masters threading, concurrency, synchronization and code optimization. At Ai Dezigns, he finally got the chance to work with open-source tools and technologies. Only two words best describe him : 'coding' and 'friends'.