Successful websites have a lot more in common than you might think. They deliver the needs of the visitor, they do it fast and they do it right. Here's some of the things we do right :

Web Design

Designing a web site is more than using Photoshop. Even your neighbour's kid can do that. Getting it right needs a compliment of great design skills, powerful technology and even more powerful strategy. At AI Dezigns we take your project from start to finish, meticulously making sure that all objectives are met on-time and on-budget.

Web Applications

Web Applications are the true synergy of innovation, technology and cost effectiveness. Web applications done right, are some of the most cutting edge and coolest tools around. They also happen to be very very useful. However, all web apps are not as grand as they would like to be. Most applications tend to be made by programmers, for programmers.

At Ai Dezigns we pay close attention to the end user experience, all the while battling against browser bugs, server limitations, slow connections and platform walls. The end result, a user-focused and user-friendly application that boosts productivity and doesnt burn your pocket.

CMS (Content Management Systems)

A big acronym with even bigger potential. CMS's are "backend websites" that allow site owners to edit their sites in a point and click way. Not only is this intuitive, but it also reduces costs. Whether you prefer to update your content, add a new page, check your email blast stats, write a blog or do all of the above, we have a CMS just for you.

Some of CMS's we have used in the past include :

Not only do we build sites with CMSs, we can also integrate it with existing websites.

Flash and Multimedia

Multimedia is a tricky business. Too many times have we seen that bling, bang and whooosh flying across the screen with your favourite heavy metal in the background, much to the dismay of the viewer. Here's what Jakob Nielson, the industry's foremost usability expert, has to say about animation:

" Flash [animation] should not be used to jazz up a page. If your content is boring, rewrite text to make it more compelling and hire a professional photographer to shoot better photos. Don't make your pages move. It doesn't increase users' attention, it drives them away; most people equate animated content with useless content."

The first step in getting multimedia right is making sure that it cannot be done with text. There are a few good uses of flash , such as an animated tutorial, or a powerful company presentation on CD. Actionscript, XML, or Flash animation, we have the acumen and skill to deliver.


Rolling out a website just isnt enough anymore. Infact, that was just Phase 1! In this day and age of "Web 2.0" it takes more than just a launch to succeed

We work with our partners day and night (literally!) to ensure the ideas they're banking on are working as advertised. We also discuss with our clients one-on-one how we think the website can be taken to the next level. After all, its the thousand little differences that make a great website.

Let us know how we can support you too!

Backup and Maintenance

Your site is up one minute, and gone the next. Science fiction, nope. Too many times have we seen customers having no backup plan (at one point, we were guilty of this too!).

Maintaining a website is like maintaining a car. If you dont change the oil, it goes bust. Backup strategies range from the push of button, all the way down to scripting and services.

Whether it be Windows or Linux, we have the discipline to make sure your site has regular backups (and has backups of those backups). We do a variety of maintenance contracts to make sure your site is fresh and bug free.

Email Marketing

90% of all email traffic in the world is spam. Email marketing isn't. It takes great care, content and software to get email marketing right. At Ai Dezigns we make sure your email campaign is targeted, that no users recieve emails unwillingly (spam!), and that you have the metrics to see if your campaign was a success.

We also provide installed email solutions, so you can send out your own email shots any time you want. We offer both pre-installed packages, as well as pay-as-you-go services.